Purposes, Duties and Powers of CTCI

logoCyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry (CTCI), established in 1977 as a non-govermental organization, still works to assist the development of the Cyprus Turkish Industrial Establishments, in order to expand the field of their activities and to increase their efficiency.

Purposes, Duties and Powers of CTCI

Help development of the Cyprus Turkish industrial enterprises and their sphere of activies while improving efficiency,

To assist the establishment of Cyprus Turkish Industry under the contemporary industrial rules and conditions and to make the necessary attempts to the authorities for the development of the legislation in effect which is believed to be an obstacle in achieving the said purpose;

Launching initiatives and working to improve the legislation which may constitute an obstacle before the development of Cyprus Turkish Industries and working to adapt the local industries with the contemporary industrial rules and regulations.

To represent Turkish Cypriot Manufacturers both in the country and overseas, to protect the rights and interests of the members, to promote and make the publicity of the Cyprus Turkish Industry and its members;

To provide the professional solidarity and concensus, to organize meetings, to solve the professional problems amongts the members;

To research the industrial, economical, and social issues, or to get the research done by others and to publish the results; to observe both the domestic and overseas industrial activities, to give information to the members by keeping index and statistics and publishing the results;

To make research on the foreign markets and according to the results obtained to make the necessary suggestions for Turkish manufacturers in order to facilitate their entrance to the foreign market;

To organize exhibitions within the boundaries of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, to attend the domestic or overseas fairs, exhibitions, assemblies, conferences and symposiums, to display the products of the members and to bring the members and the buyers together;

To publish brochures, newspapers, magazines and books promoting the Cyprus Turkish Industrial products and to send them to the foreign companies and firms;

To inform the members about the legislation in effect with regards to the industry; to provide the members with technical information regarding standards, packaging and similar issues, to take precautions in order to protect the members high working standards;

To encourage and support the issuing of the laws, regulations, rules and other precautions which are believed to have a positive effect on the industry; to make an effort to cancel the legislation which is believed to have a negative effect on the industry;

To give suggestions to the competent authorities with regards to the two-way overseas commerce agreements which are planned to be signed by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and to attend the agreement commissions if seen appropriate by the relevant authorities;

To act as the arbitration tribunal for the conflicts arising from industrial and commercial relationships; to announce its operations in press and broadcast;

To establish relations with similar organizations both in Turkey and in other countries, to become a member of the international professional associations;

To contact and cooperate with similar organizations in order to obtain or give information on the members’ operating competence, conditions, and similar issues;

To sell, rent or give in a mortgage or dispose through any other means of the goods or some part of the goods that belong to the Chamber, to invest the money which is not needed urgently in the areas that are thought to be fit in order to achieve the purposes of the Chamber;

To organize activities in order to raise an income for the Chamber, including acceptance of donations;

Without prejudice to the rules of the Article 15 of the Company Law, in order for the Chamber to achieve its goals, if required, to purchase, rent or exchange any goods or properties, to construct the required building for the Chamber to execute its operations in, and to maintain and to make alterations to the said building;

To assist the foundation of any other organization planned to be established with the similar purposes to those owned by the Chamber and to support that organization;

To merge with any other organization which has similar goals as the Chamber;

To present suggestions and recommendations to the relevant and competent bodies and authorities of the State with regards to the industrial investments;

To execute all the required work or to get this work executed in order to realise the purpose or purposes prescribed in the above items,

The Chamber has powers given under this Law and the regulations issued under the provisions of the Law.

The Chamber has the authority to become a member of the International Chamber of Industry, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and similar organisations;

The Chamber has the authority to prepare and approve the certificate of origin, force majeure certificate, examination certificate and any other similar certificates for the industrial goods.


Integrated with the world, working to improve the competitiveness of its members and the awaraness of using local products, member-satisfaction oriented, CTCI aims to be be an effective agent, a factor and a leader in determining the industrial policies of the country.


  • Providing service to the members for the production of consumer centered goods and services in high quality and according to world standards.
  • Contributing to the policies and arrangements that will help developing the industrial sector, working to improve policies and arrangements increasing the consumption of local products.
  • Contributing to the enhancement of competitiveness in the production sector and contributing to increasing the awareness on how production of goods and services contributes to the GNP (Gross National Product).
  • Enhancing coopertation with both internal and external actors.